At Gawker, Cord Jefferson writes about Stand Your Ground laws and his experience with racial profiling.

xoJane ran a pieace about renouncing marriage on feminist grounds.

Callie Collins discusses Wendy Davis’ filibuster and what it meant to her for The Rumpus:

What I’m asking is that you do not yield to the truly ugly things about Texas—Kimberly McCarthy’s execution, whatever Rick Perry says today, these inconceivable abortion measures that will pass anyway, the deep red of our electoral map, the fact that the happiest news of the week, the overturn of DOMA, doesn’t completely reach down here—to the extent that they fool you into forgetting the other things, the things that should now be evident. Wendy Davis, the sound of those women, the reemergence of a visible, fevered Texas Democratic party, the very real concerns of 26 million people who have been here all along.

The Fairy Tale Review is a journal that publishes folklore-inspired work and they want submissions soon!

These dogs are facing some tough truths.


This post is overdue. Unfortunately, I and the other editors don’t get paid to compile rad webzines in the name of gender justice in publishing– we have jobs and school to attend to. Thus, our blogging opportunities can be sporadic. Somehow, we still find time to read enlightening online articles we want to share with our readership. So here is a link round-up!

Heather sent me a list of career advice to aspiring writers. In general, I take internet lists about LIFE and HOW TO LIVE IT with a grain of salt, but I think this one has some important advice, particularly the last bit.

Malaika at Autostraddle wrote a lovely essay about, among other things, her experience with a publishing internship and how the world tries to tell women (especially queer women and women of color) what they can’t do. “As I sit in my Brooklyn living room listening to the music and smelling the pot, thinking about what an awesome day I’ve had at my internship, I think it’s important to remember to do all of the impossible things.” Running away to Brooklyn, brb.

Here’s an interview with Hunter S. Thompson if you’re into that kind of thing.

The Lamda Literary Awards happened.

If you are a linguistics nerd, this might fascinate you.

If you feel that your tumblr feed lacks literary flair, this blog might be relevant to your interests.

Buzzfeed compiled this list, re: introverts. I realize that not all writers are introverts, but I have a hunch that a fair number of us identify as such. As a textbook introvert myself, some of this resonates with me, especially # 2.

Happy Friday!