We are currently CLOSED to submissions.

Aesthetics & Guidelines:

Broad! accepts fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, visual art, and miscellany by female, trans* and genderqueer writers. We welcome work in all genres. We have a soft spot for pieces of writing that are hard to classify.

We welcome unpublished work by both established and emerging writers, and pride ourselves on being an outlet of support for the latter.

Simultaneous submissions are welcomed and encouraged. If your work is accepted elsewhere, please let us know as soon as possible.

The editors will do our best to get back to you within four months of submission. Please feel free to contact us if you still have not heard from us at the end of this period.

Broad! cannot currently offer compensation for accepted work. We will shout your praises to the high internet heavens (which are quite high: it is 2015, after all).

All rights to your work revert back to you after publication.

A note on themed issues:

Summer issues are themed. If you have the most gorgeous work ever that is so, so great––Shakespeare himself would tremble in awe at your wit and incisiveness, etc.––that does not relate to the theme, please wait to submit it until August.

We know it it is difficult. We know it is burning a hole in your unthemed pocket. But each time we delete a submission unread, a fairy dies. Don’t let that be on you.

We accept:

One piece at a time, up to 8,000 words. (Multiple and/or longer submissions will be deleted, unread, with much muttering of unladylike things.)

Flash Fiction

Up to two pieces at a time, up to 1,000 words each.

Creative Nonfiction
One piece at a time, up to 8,000 words.

Up to five poems at a time, 50 lines or fewer per piece.

Art and Photography
Any two-dimensional medium is welcome. (Includes photographs of three-dimensional mediums.) Vertically-oriented pieces are preferred over horizontal, as they are easier to situate with the magazine page layout.

Submissions are now open for our unthemed Winter issue. Kindly send us your best as a .doc, .docx or .rtf attachment to broadzine [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please send your work with a cover letter to broadzine [at] gmail [dot] com in .doc, .docx, .pdf or .rtf format.  We look forward to reading your work!

Book Reviews

Broad! is now accepting contributor reviews of recently released books to be published on the website. We prefer reviews of lesser-known books to reviews of bestsellers, and encourage reviews of work by writers who are female-bodied/-identified, trans*, or non-binary-identified. This online feature is open to contributors of any sex or gender. We are interested in thoughtful, positive reviews of books you want others to read.

300-500 words on books published within the past three years or so; the more recent, the better.  Send your book review in Word or PDF format to broadzine [at] gmail [dot] com, with “Book Review” in the subject line. The email should include the title, author, date of publication, and a link to the book’s website or sales page.

Please do not inquire about sending us your book for review, publicizing your book on our website, or reviewing your own book. We are interested in developing a community of readers and writers on the website, but we are not book reviewers or publicists. Such inquiries will be deleted unread.

45 thoughts on “Submissions

      1. No, it isn’t. Actually, I just recently added software that can handle .docx files! Don’t worry about it.

  1. Fantastic! I see that you accept visual work. Do you have any requirements? (i.e. would black and white work better? Do you have a preference for any particular style or medium? What resolution should the scanned image be?)

    1. Thanks for your interest, Dana! Black and white would be ideal, if possible. No preference regarding medium; submit whatever you feel is your best work.

      In my previous experience putting together publications, I’ve found that the higher the resolution, the better; low-res tends to come out fuzzy when printed. Please send us images that are as high-res as your email client will allow for attachments.


  2. I’ve submitted an article and have included a rather shoddy photograph I’ve taken to go alongside it. (It’s in a separate attachment and isn’t necessary, I just included it in case you wanted an image to break up the text). I’d have told you that all in the email but forgot to!

    This is such a brilliant idea and I’m completely all for it, if you’ll have me! 🙂

  3. Dear Zine, I would like to submit a short story. It is already May, so I wanted to ask if the general submission is reopened. Thank you!

  4. Hello Heather 🙂 Would it be OK for me to e-mail a poem for your consideration? Thank you.
    Many blessings, Annie

  5. Hello,

    Love your site! I was wondering if you are accepting any poetry submissions? I tried to leave this message before, so sorry for the re-post! 🙂 Thanks very much!

    1. Depends on how long they are. Flash fiction, five pieces. Lengthy short stories, three. #solidquestion

      1. Hi Chelsea,

        By “simultaneous” we mean that you can submit your piece(s) here and elsewhere, provided you let us know if the piece is accepted at another publication. You seem to be asking about multiple-genre submissions, which we do accept. Please send us your stuff!


      2. “Simultaneous submissions” means submitting your work to multiple journals at the same time. You’re welcome to submit in more than one genre if you like; we’ve had submitters do that before. 🙂


    1. Hi Alice,

      We haven’t in the past, no. We would consider that to be self-publication, and we prefer unpublished submissions. I’d love to see your other work, however!


  6. Hello, Heather,

    I wanted to ask if very short scripts were accepted? I have a short LGBT themed script that could be characterized as SCI-FI — I may be submitting it to a few festivals too — just wanted to inquire! Thank you either way and have a great Sunday!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Annie!

      I’m sorry to have missed this comment earlier! We haven’t published scripts in the past, but we haven’t been sent many either. Unfortunately our summer subs have closed until August, but send us your script then and we’d be happy to look at it.


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