Dear friends,

Great news: if you haven’t seen it yet, the Winter 2016-17 issue is live! Please read, download, and spread the word. We’ve got a wonderfully kickass variety of poetry, fiction, and art this go-round. Read it and show them some love.

Which leads me to the bad news: this issue will be the last one for a while, as Broad! is going on hiatus as of today.

I am sorry to write these words, and (to be honest) have been putting off writing them. The unfortunate core of the matter is that our staff has always been a very small group of people who did this for passion alone, and while the four of us love the work we’ve done here, we have also come to a point in our lives where we no longer have the time required to commit to producing a journal. This doesn’t mean that Broad! is gone forever––I’ll be representing us at Writefest, an awesome lit conference, in Houston next month––but it does mean that we need to take a long break to work on life stuff before Broad!‘s rebirth can be sorted out. I cherish every submission I’ve been lucky enough to edit over the last five years, and feel grateful to have read any of your thoughtful, raw, striking writing––or seen your dazzling artwork and photography––at all. Thank you for reading, for submitting, and most of all for making art.

Keep resisting; keep working. The world needs your brilliance.



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