Pushcart Prize Nominations for 2016



Broads, this has been an amazing year for us. Between our science fiction issue, sexy robot web series, and forthcoming winter issue, we’ve had the delight of adding heaps of uniquely dazzling voices, both fresh and established, to the pages of our journal.

As always, selecting just six works to nominate for the Pushcart Prize was a difficult process. In the end, though, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to throw some sunshine on the following authors:

Kate Jonuska, “Desire Designed,” Sexy Robot Web Special 3.0

Julia Dixon Evans, “Autoclave,” Sexy Robot Web Special 4.0

Diana Clark, “Singed,” Science Fiction and Speculative Issue

Libba Hockley, “Weaning,” forthcoming Winter 2015

Hillary Katz, “After Injury,” and “Because You Want a Love Poem,” forthcoming Winter 2015


Thanks for another great year of reading women and nonbinary writers! To check out these pieces and more, point yo’self this way.

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