Link Round-Up


Brittany introduced me to an interesting new writerly blog, MFA Day Job. From their description:

Some of the writers featured here love their jobs. Others are just getting through the day. Some wake up at four a.m. to write, and some squeeze writing time in every few weeks. Some don’t have paying jobs, but depend on parenthood or volunteerism to create balance in their lives. What they have in common, besides a misunderstood terminal (it’s terminal!) degree, is a creative outlook and a belief that their educational background, despite the doomsday warnings, is not a liability.

The New York Review of Books on Wikipedia’s literary subcategories, and their implications.

Bitch Magazine compiled a list of female-hosted comedy podcasts. I’m not familiar with many of these podcasts yet- or comedy podcasts more generally- but this is really relevant to my interests as a broadcast media geek/feminist/human.

NPR ran a piece on the (currently very pronounced) dearth of women in film.
In many, many parts of the country right now, if you want to go to see a movie in the theater and see a current movie about a woman — any story about any woman that isn’t a documentary or a cartoon — you can’t. You cannot. There are not any. You cannot take yourself to one, take your friend to one, take your daughter to one.

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