Welcome, Internet friends!

Feminism, Lit

Welcome to the web branch of Broad!, a literary zine produced entirely by the female-bodied or -identified!  We’re currently looking for contributors to submit fiction, essays, poetry, music, or art for our first issue.  If you’re creative and your work is hard to classify, send it to us.  If it’s easy to classify, still send it to us.

Do you want to see our mission statement?

This, Broad!, is a manifesto.

A manifesto because we say it is, because stories by women are printed in other magazines less often than men’s, because in the past women have had to publish under male pseudonyms or under no name at all and from what we’re seeing, literary culture in 2011 is less equitable than we’d hoped.  Because we write about ghosts, or families, or love, or other implausible things.  Because our art is considered “domestic fiction” instead of “the Great American Novel.”  This is a manifesto for women writers, for speculative fiction writers, essayists, prose poets, slam poets, people whose work can’t seem to find an audience because the higher powers decided that audience doesn’t exist.  People who use pens as if they were syringes.

(If we’ve alienated you already, our apologies.  If we haven’t alienated you, please submit!  You can reach us at broadzine [at] gmail [dot] com.)

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