Exciting news!

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Newsflash the First:

The Winter 2011 issue, our very first issue in fact, is finished and available for free download!  Click on the “Issues” tab above to nab yourself a copy.

Newsflash the Second:

Submissions open for our second issue, the Spring 2012, on February 1st.  Details to follow!


Our Kickstarter campaign has gone live!

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For those of you who are not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a website that raises money for creative projects.  I shot a video explaining the purpose/goals of Broad! and launched the fundraising campaign page this morning.

We have 44 days –– until December 2, 2011 –– to raise $1,500 for a print run.  There will be a PDF version of the magazine, of course, but Emma and I would really, really like to have hard copies to distribute.  Please donate whatever you can afford; we will repay you in love (and whatever backer rewards you qualify for, as seen on the right sidebar of the campaign page).   Let’s make this happen!

Thanks for reading this, submitting to us and supporting our project!


Feels like being picked first in gym


Broad! has been featured on Autostraddle!  Senior Editor Rachel, a good friend of mine (and an awesome friend, in general; you should try being friends with her), chose to promote us for her Autostraddle Team Pick yesterday.  Thank you, Rachel!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Autostraddle, it’s a smart, funny, strong Internet magazine that covers news and pop culture as it relates to LGBTQ issues.  “News, entertainment, opinion and girl-on-girl culture,” in their words.  I recommend it heartily.

To all of you visiting this blog from Autostraddle, welcome and please submit!*  The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2011.


*Everyone not visiting from Autostraddle is, of course, also welcomed and markedly encouraged to submit!